Omiros Hotel Mykonos

Mykonos Hotel – Omiros

Omiros Hotel has been a family owned hotel since 1963. Omiros Hotel embodies the epitome of Greek hospitality, offering breathtaking amazing views, close proximity to the beach, and great service. Nestled on a cliff above the old port of Mykonos, Omiros Hotel has been offering the best view of Mykonos Town since its inception & the best reviews ever written for accommodation of one star Hotel in Mykonos island.

The historical Omiros Hotel building emulates ancient Cycladic architectual designs inspired by the colours of nature such as yellow for the sun, green for the flora and blue for the sea, creating a minimal style environment of soothing colours emitting positive energy. Its beauty and simplicity creates a calming atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the unique and breathtaking views of Mykonos Town and the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

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